Our History

Our history (or our story) begins back in 2006 when we had to buy some cranes and came to the conclusion that the solution was incomplete. Everything was automatic, remote controlled and very automated but there was a lack in terms of hooks. You could buy the most innovative crane in the market but in the end an operator had to climb up to hook up the load. That was when we really saw there was a lot of work to do in terms of safety and productivity of the hooks.

The first sketches and blueprints led to the first scale model made with Lego Technic pieces. This first model was actually the first working automatic hook ever developed. In 2007, the automatic hook was patented and four prototype rounds and a year and a half later (2009) came the first version of an automatic hook to be released to the market, the e5.

The concept kept constantly growing and advancing. In 2010, we presented the e10, but there was always something to do and something to improve. In 2012 we came out with our second generation of automatic hooks, much more compact and improved in many ways, and renamed as “evo”. The following year, the evo20 was presented and the load cell was incorporated onto the hooks, increasing its functionality.

In 2015 we presented the eMAX remote control, the natural evolution of our remote control, which included a big full color LCD display and which gave important information to the user that was, until then, unavailable such as alarms (overload and unbalance), weight, hook status, and much more…

After the evo5, evo10 and evo20, in 2016 came the revolutionary evo2 automatic hook. A much more compact, lighter and more sophisticated lifting hook able to lift up to 2,500 kg/5,511 lbs. Just like its bigger brothers, it was able to engage and release loads remotely within a fail-safe design that makes it physically impossible to drop any load during operations.

2017 saw us present the biggest, strongest and toughest automatic hook yet, the evo25, with a lifting capacity of up to 25,000 kg. (over 55,000 lbs.) and new accessories like the Bumper, designed to protect the complete range of automatic crane hooks from all sort of impacts, increasing safety and productivity in all operation across every industry.

The most innovative launches for our company were in 2018, with the C5 Automatic Lifting Clamps, exclusively designed for the lifting and moving of steel plates, beams and/or pipes, and the NEO 20 Lifting Hook for Bell Furnaces. These two new and revolutionary products represented new solutions in the lifting industry and consolidated our position as the market leader in automatic lifting solutions and equipment.

Thanks to our innovative remote automatic crane hooks, lifting clamps, lifting hooks for bell furnaces and accessories, we are drastically improving productivity and safety of global leading companies such as Rolls-Royce, Space-X, ArcelorMittal, Boeing, Airbus, Siemens, Tenaris and many more.

Our goal is to increase our range of automatic hooks, adding new features to increase safety and productivity, and along with our Research and Development team we are developing new products and accessories that will enhance even more lifting operations worldwide and bring new solutions to different industries.

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